Coloring Book 6.0.61

Coloring Book 6.0.61

Dataware - 1.7MB - Shareware
Children will have hours of fun with this electronic coloring book. Large buttons for color selection make it easy to use even for young children. No more broken or lost crayons with this computer version and the pages can be colored over and over again with the dozens of available colors. The 50 pictures included with the complete version are Airplane, Alphabet, Ant, Art, Ball, Basket, Beetle, Bells, Blocks, Bones, Butterfly, Cake, Candles, Candy, Christmas, Clock, Collies, Design, Disks, Dogs, Duck, Egg, Flowers, Football, Frog, Gum, Jack-o-lantern, Ladybug, Lines, Mailboxes, Map, Numbers, Paint, Parrots, Pig, Plane, Pterodactyl, Pumpkin, Sharks, Snow, Spider, Star, Tank, Tic-tac-toe, Tools, Tree, Triceratops, Umbrella, Whale, and Yard. Published by Dataware.


Coloring Book 是在由Dataware开发类别 Education Shareware 软件。

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最新版本是 Coloring Book 的 6.0.61 2017/08/12 上释放。 它最初被添加到我们的数据库 2007/08/25 上。 最流行的版本是 6.0.56,100% 的所有安装使用。

Coloring Book 需要,它将被安装在计算机上运行的操作系统 Android/Windows 之一。 下载文件的大小 1.7MB。

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